Fawn, who started in the Merseyside Derby, wrote a shocking record.

Fawn, who started in the Merseyside Derby, wrote a shocking record.

Everton lost 0-2 to Liverpool in the 34th https://www.mtmaster.net round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2021-22 season at Anfield, Liverpool, England on the 25th. The defeat dropped Everton to 18th place and was included in the relegation zone.

Everton, overwhelmed from the start, tried to defend the line completely, but lost control of Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold. He managed to keep the team scoreless by increasing the number of central players to prevent threatening shots, but gave up the lead by allowing Robertson a run in the 16th minute of the second half.

Everton, which has been on the defensive, sought an equalizer by putting in Dele Alli and Salomon Rondon in a row. However, he struggled with Liverpool’s overwhelming performance. In the 40th minute of the second half, he dedicated the wedge to Dibok Origi and the game ended in Everton’s 0-2 defeat. Now Everton is really on the verge of relegation.

The record also shows how far Everton has 먹튀검증사이트 fallen behind. Everton only had nine while Liverpool fired 18 shots. Effective shooting was only once. Liverpool’s share was 82.4%. Everton did not exceed 15%. Everton was the worst, with an average pass success rate of only 55%. Among them, the most sluggish player is Fawn.

Fawn was tasked with supporting the defense in front of four hundred. He blocked Liverpool’s attack with five intercepts and six clearings. Even considering that, he started and played until the 28th minute of the second half, and it is shocking that the total number of passes is five. In the meantime, only one pass was successful, so the pass success rate was only 20%.

The same number of pass success and warning numbers have taken place and are being illuminated by many football statistics media. “Squash” said, “Among the EPL players who have played for 60 minutes since the 2017-18 season, Allan has the smallest total number of passes against Liverpool.”. Britain’s “The Sun” and ” Sky Sports” also said, “Alain played for 73 minutes and only one pass was successful.”.

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